Dutchbull's TF Dimension


P = Problem S = Solution

If your problem isn't listed or you have another question don't hesitate to contact us. Mail to tfdimension(at)gmail(dot)com

-The TFD Team-


P: I can't see everything in my windowS: Your used screenresolution is lower than the recommended 1024 x 768 dpi resolution, causing buttons or images not to appear. Try enhancing your screenresolution to a higher one.

P: I can't play any of the videofilesS: Probably your (whatever) used mediaplayer doesn't support or is unable to play the used avi format of TFD (the videoclips are based on the DivX avi format). You can fix this by updating your used mediaplayer by downloading a new DivX codec. You can also download an alternative mediaplayer called VLC Media Player.

P: I can't save any of the videoclips to my computerS: Click with the leftbutton of your mouse on the AVI/WMV/MP4 button next to the title. Downloading should commence.

P: Can you also add videoclips in a format that is usuable for the PSP?S: No, due to the lack of sufficient websitespace is it not possible to also add a videoclip in the MP4 format for PSPs. But you can convert the AVI/WMV files to MP4 files yourself by using PSP Video 9.

P: I don't seem to have the right codec to play the videoclipsS: Download and install the Combined Community Codec Pack

P: The letters on my screen look crap on your website when I use Ubuntu linux (distro)S: This can happen since Ubuntu usually hasn't installed the Tahoma font. You can solve this by opening a terminal with the keycombination Control Alt t. Copy paste the following commands listed on this website